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News 5/5/01 - The baja is getting a full rebuild before Valla (august).
I have decided that the baja deserved a full rebuild. I had many reasons for the rebuild. I am converting the front suspension to disc brakes, I am installing a 1800 kombi gearbox, and I decided the body needed a new paint job. So the rebuild has begun. Click on the link below to see my progress so far...
Engine Specs.
Engine Type.: 1915cc type 1 engine.
Bore........: 94mm (Mahle pistons)
Crank.......: 69mm (stock stroke, balanced)
Heads.......: 044 heads, 40mm intake, 35 exhaust
Rockers.....: 1.25 ratio, swivel feet adjuster
Pushrods....: Chrome moly
Intake......: Twin 44 IDF webers.
Exhaust.....: 1 1/2 inch 4-1 extractors with a 2
..............: inch genie stainless steel turbo muffler.
Ignition....: 009 distrutor, with electronic points
Horsepower..: somewhere around 100HP.

Other stuff..: This engine makes good power from about 1500 to 5500rpm (with standard pulley) or 6000rpm (with power pulley). I run a power pulley in winter and a normal pulley in summer, I'm going to add a technical page about power pulleys because no-one in the VW industry knows anything about what effect a power pulley actually has on a VW engine.
The engine is tuned so it will also run as low as 600rpm while off roading, and it's not uncommon for it to do about 1,000rpm crawling up mild hills. I really should get a kombi gearbox though. *NEWS* I am currently in the process of putting an 1800 kombi box in the car!

The Engine
My engine is quite difficult to photograph, because it has lots of chrome. I still don't have a good photo of it. But you can tell by this photo that it's a nice looking engine.
I always put the car on display at show, just so people can have a look. I don't expect to win anything (because my paint is faded and chipped), but I still like to let other enthuiasts look at it.
I think Baja's should have good looking engine's, since they are out on display.

Bolting on the Stinger
If you've ever seen a real live stinger exhaust, you'll know that they're loud. If you've heard one on a stock 1600, you'll know it's not too bad.
But if you've heard one on a tweaked 1916, you'll know it's painfully loud. I only put mine on at car shows, or to annoy my neighbours.
If you want to here my stinger, then
go to my video clip page.

Me and the boys on the beach
This photo shows (from left to right), Gordans buggy, my baja and mike sharps type IV powered buggy. You can see more of Mikes buggy on his sharpbuilt website, or on the Klub VW off road website (see my links page).

Newish Photo
This is another photo of my engine, this one shows my new personalised number plates.

Size doesn't matter.
This photo shows the size difference between the L bug and the Baja.

On the Beach
This is a photo of my Baja on the beach at Coffs harbour, on my way back from the 2001 Summernats in Canberra.