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Links to VW Club Sites
Self explanatory really.

This site has just started development, so hopefully there will be lots of good stuff to check out in the near future. Keep an eye on this one.
This site is pretty cool. Lots of stories about Klub VW offroad trips. Good page containing members cars.
The guy who used to run this club (in 1995) told me having an auger (rear window sunshade) on my baja will ruin the cooling and make my engine overheat (maybe on a beetle, but not a baja), and if I don't take it off I can't join the club. I mumbled a few comments, which basically meant "I'll go find another club thanx". So that's the only reason I didn't join that club. I have heard that same person got ask to leave the club a couple of years later for such carry-on. The new president is very cool is extremely helpful. Their site is worth checking out.
NEW!!!. If you want links, this site is for you. It is the best VW Club site in Australia, with heaps of links. It made me not want to bother doing a links page of my own, since theirs was so good.
Links to Cool VW Sites
These are sites that you look at and say to yourself, that car is so cool.

NEW!!!. These guys are a little nutty. They use chain drives on their buggies, allowing the whole engine gearbox to be mounted real far forward. They also use steel spikes in their tires. crazy people.
Wayne Penrose VW! This car is so cool. Wayne's type IV powered beetle started my love of the type IV engine. He does burnouts in 4th at 7,500rpm.
Links to vw shop / show sites
Find info on parts, prices, or upcoming shows.

Mark Pell Auto Repairs. This site sells parts, and is also the home of the famous nambucca heads / valla park volkswagen spectacular. This is my favorite vw show, held every 2 years. You have to go just to see high horsepower vw's racing around a go-cart track. PROMOTING VW RACING AUSTRALIA-WIDE. I think this site is eventually going to sell stuff, but it's only in it's early stages of development at the moment. Hopefully it'll have info on australian vw race cars.
Links to baja bugs and buggie Sites
There are so many of them out there, so I'll put links to the sites that I usually visit. This site is the grandfather of all dune buggie sites. Great site, must see for any dune buggy / baja fan
Baja Buses. This is the first baja bus site. There are heaps of Baja buses in Queensland, they are just so cool. I think I'll have to build one, one day (after I build my supasports buggy perhaps). Worth checking out!!!
Bajas in Action / Desert Stomper.. This site is another good baja page. The guy is really friendly. His car is so cool, and so modified. I wish we could legally do those mods in Australia.
The baja bug page.. This site is another good baja page. Plenty of pictures to look at.
Links to Technical Based Sites
These are recommended sites for VW based technical articles

Eric's page about VW transmissions. Good stuff about transmissions, type 1 and 2 boxes. It needs more pictures, which are supposed to be coming soon...

Type 4: Secrets Revealed. This is another good site for type 4 information (well it will be if it's ever finished). This site deals with the engine only.
Links to Just Plain Cool Sites
These are wierd, cool, have nothing to do with vw's, but are just cool.

Outlaw Lawn Dragsters. These crazy guys put 750cc motorcycle engines in ride on mowers, and then race each other. I gotta make me one of those, I wonder if a 280HP Mr Turbo ZZR110 engine would fit in the John Deere.

Big Cart. This is a very large trolley, with a blown 454 engine. Why? Why not.

Turbocharged bar stool.Need I say more.