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As 50megs have reduced from 50megs to 12megs and they have removed the webmail and reduce the maximum file size to 256K, I have decided to move my site.

I have changed my email address to , and it may change again soon.
My new site (seriously under construction) can be found at (slight change over the last couple of days)
It will take time to move everything across, but start changing your favorites now. My new site has a few strange bugs at the moment, caused by a weird server. I will sort them out and then I'll move my site.

My new site should be directly linked off of the new site very soon. is going to be a new australian off road kombi, buggy and baja site. Check it out.

Warning to VW purists. This site contains graphic images of vw's being abused, jumped, modified, revved way over the stock redline and rolled until written off completely. Just your average baja kinda stuff really.

My Baja and my L Bug.
The photo on the left shows my VW Baja bug on Fraser Island. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world. You need a permit to drive on the island. The photo on the right is my 75 L Bug (my street car).

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Check out the new video clips page

Do you want a Volkswagen mobile phone icon?

Go to blue sky frog website (click picture to left), go to "icon central", then "view saved", then use the code "aG261220" to access the shared volkswagen phone icon which I drew (the picture on the left).

Recent News
I'm doing a full rebuild on my baja, for more details go to the baja rebuild page.
My site development has slowed a little due to my baja rebuild, but I plan on updating it once my car is finished.
I have also added a engine capacity table to the technical pages.
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Feel free to send me an email, click on the link below.
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